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public toilet? >> us grows. >> yes. this is the image i have a public toilets. my town's public parks, including this one. garbage everywhere. buildings covered with graffiti. fields bear of grass. caring is not necessarily sharing. this part now so nice. it's under the management. john: but that goes against what people expect. >> this is a privately managed property. >> really? john: even the tour let's are better. because when you own something you take care of it. when no one owns it nobody takes care of it. nobody watches a rental car. >> people destroy the other, a property like much of the world's rainforests, american settlers nearly killed. now we are overfishing the ocean . no one really cares about it. no one really takes care of it. that's our show tonight. >> hands now john stossel. john: the idea of sharing, communal property. it does lead to what economists call the tragedy of the comic. the tragedy because nasty things happen when everyone on something. i first heard that phrase and a story about some shepherds who live around a grassy area they call the commons. of th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1